Fin Dryer Attachment

Hanna’s Fin Dryer Attachment is the ideal solution for drying the side vertical surfaces of the vehicle. Hanna has offered the Fin Dryer Attachment in export markets where it is used as a primary drying component for conveyor systems that require less power consumption. This most recent version has shown excellent results when attached to Hanna’s EQ Series dryers running on as little as 10 HP.

 The Fin Dryer Attachment has not only improved effective in smaller tunnels, but is also used as a finish type dryer in longer and faster moving conveyors.

Made of stainless steel for years of use it is easily fitted to either the Concorde or EQ Series blowers (both 10hp and 15hp models). The Fin Dryer Attachment uses a rugged synthetic fabric to direct air flow and protect against incident from longer non-standard mirrors. The small fabric nozzle is attached to a stainless steel manifold which allows it to be easily replaced. The Fin Dryer Attachment easily retrofits to any existing overhead Hanna EQ Dryer. The compact design only requires a 12-foot wide tunnel for installation.

  • Two models available - fits EQ blowers (both 10hp and 15hp)
  • Ordered as pairs
  • Stainless steel vertical manifold (Length 89-1/4” 226.7cm)
  • Contoured fabric nozzle (Length 55-1/2” 141cm)

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