Who We Are?

Coleman Hanna, is the industry’s one-stop car wash equipment manufacturer for all of your car wash business needs. Automatics, Tunnels, Self-Serve, and vacuums is just the basics of all that we sell. For over 60 years we have been a leader in car wash technology and innovations. Our ever-changing product line continues to provide entrepreneurs with the right equipment for a successful venture. The high quality car wash equipment necessary to achieve the maximum income potential for your property investment is here.

In the beginning, self serve carwashes offered limited services which were simply high pressure wash and rinse with a vacuum for the inside of the vehicle. Today, the modern car wash facility has developed into a complete car care center with a wide range of services and income producing options. Our product line has changed and expanded throughout the decades to accommodate these ever-changing demands of a car wash customer.

From site analysis to construction plans, superb equipment and our support, to marketing your car wash before and after the sale, the bottom line is Coleman Hanna has what you need. Coleman Hanna is the company you’ll want to associate yourself with. We are the leader in the car wash industry with the ability and the mission to make your carwash #1 in your market area.

Our Product Line

Coleman Hanna’s product line includes the Water Wizard 2.0 in-bay touch-free automatic and the Super Saver and Power Pack self-service pumping equipment. Also available are high-income producing equipment like vacuums, fragrance/vacuum combination units, hot foam shampoo/vacuum combination units and electronic vending islands. To support this car wash equipment are bay marketing meters, colorful-back-lit awnings, stainless steel vacuum bases, bay and property signs as well as a complete graphics and marketing team and an engineering and drafting department.

The Water Wizard 2.0 in-bay touch-free automatic offers scrubbing action high pressure washing over the entire vehicle. It is the only touch-free unit to successfully adjust to the variety of heights of vehicles on the road today. The Fusion Automatics: eFusion and FusionX, offer a combination or soft touch wash that satisfies the needs of a modern car wash customer. Get off stuck on dirt without hurting the vehicle's surface!

Our full line of Hanna Conveyor systems have been renowned and used worldwide since 1965. Combined with high quality powerful wash components and innovative eye-attractive modern advances, craft a modern express wash all with Coleman Hanna equipment. With all the support equipment, site layout, and design, we will guide you through all the steps of opening up your own car wash.

What makes Coleman Hanna different?

  • Proven & Reliable – With over 60 years of experience in the industry, Coleman Hanna is a well established brand with a reputation for quality and reliability in the car wash industry.
  • Worldwide Distributor Support – Coleman Hanna has distributors in over 50 countries from including Australia, Argentina, Italy, Japan, throughout the USA, and many more.
  • Most Complete Line of Car Wash Equipment in the Industry – We are the only car wash manufacturer to offer a complete line of car wash equipment including conveyor equipment, in bay automatics, self serve equipment, and support equipment.
  • Assess Needs and Find Best Fit – From site evaluation for current locations and thorough analysis of needs for new car wash operators, Coleman Hanna can offer the best fit for your unique needs and goals.
  • Industry Innovators – Both Coleman and Hanna products have been industry innovators throughout history and this trend continues with our latest products today!
  • Latest Technology Building Equipment – Our facilities are filled with the latest technology to build equipment with the highest quality quickly in the safest manner.
  • Expert Site Layout – Skilled CAD directors create the perfect site layout for your needs.
  • Professional Installation – Coleman Hanna and our worldwide distribution network offers experienced installation teams.
  • Branding & Marketing – Coleman Hanna can help you with a variety of marketing efforts including logo design, custom equipment decals, nationwide press releases and print advertisements, and email newsletter to our mailing list.