Credit Card Payment Solutions

Credit Card Processing Systems allow operators to accept credit cards at the wash bay or vacuum meter. The wall mounted equipment room controller processes the credit card payments. Credit Card Processing Systems also provide valuable accounting tracking by supplying reports of credit card or cash payments. With the ability to retrofit old meters, this system allows the investor to add it to as many bays as desired. We offer two different types of credit card processing systems: CryptoPay Credit Card System and the Unitec Wash Pay System.

For tunnel or in bay automatic sites, the Optiva Virtual Attendant Entry System provides the perfect solution to upsell higher packages to customers and provide an easy to use entrance terminal.

CryptoPay Credit Card System

The CryptoPay Credit Card System has a tested and proven track record of bringing cost-savings, convenience, and secure credit card acceptance to your facility. Designed with unparalleled security, innovation, affordability, and ease of installation. The CryptoPay Credit Card System is your secure solution today and into the future.

  • CryptoPay Credit Card Encryption
  • Wireless Card Readers
  • Transaction Consolidation
  • Affordable & Easy to Install
  • Cloud-Based Analytics & Receipts
  • Low Start Up Cost
  • No Minimum Card Reader Purchase

Available to use on new & existing:

  • In Bay Self Serve Meters
  • Splash-N-Dash Systems
  • Vacuum Units
  • Vending Islands

Credit Card Processing

CryptoPay Credit Card System

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Unitec Wash Pay System

Unitec Wash Pay Meter

Unitec Wash Pay Meter


  • System includes computer, router, software, and communication software
  • Equipment room installed controller mounted in Nema 12 cabinet

Included Software:

  • Menu drive function selection
  • Individual screen totals
  • Utilities
  • Reports for individual bays and vacuums
  • Daily, monthly, and annual counts


  • Installation kit
  • Standard controller for office setting
  • User interface kit to allow access to the system without a computer
  • Print server, Ethernet switch, receipt printer
  • IP Tran Credit option that allows alternate credit card processors to be used. Supported processors are Paymentech and FDR Atlanta (Buypass)
  • Dial up processing – Accepts MC, Visa, Discover, and AMEX. Does not allow remote access. Supports First Data and Elavon Processors.
  • External POS interface that allows car wash codes to be sold from gas pumps or c store or from a local or off site PC.

Optiva Virtual Attendant Entry System

Introducing the latest innovation in entry systems: the OptiVA Virtual Attendant. The OptiVA Virtual Attendant offers your customers More Ways to Pay, 7×24 Hosting & Support and WashMAX remote management and marketing tools to maximize your profits. The OptiVa Virtual Attendant greets your customer, educates them on key wash benefits and upsells them to a higher ticket price – almost better than if you were doing it yourself! The Virtual Attendant offers a warm and friendly greeting that provides excellent customer experience. Studies show that if a customer is offered a compelling proposition, half of them will upgrade to a higher wash package and an additional service! The Virtual Attendant offers your customers More Ways to Pay including the new NFC-based contactless credit cards and smart phone based mobile payments including Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and PayPal Here with the added security of an EMV Level 2 certified reader! This system offers c-store locations the ability to purchase washes at the cashier or at the fuel dispenser. The OptiVA Virtual Attendant includes a one year subscription to WashMAX, the leading remote management and multi-site marketing tool kit so you can implement fleet programs, loyalty clubs, social media campaigns and other programs to optimize customer retention and increase average ticket price.

Model 0 - Cashless

Model 0 – Cashless

Model 1 - Accepts Bills & Coins, Dispenses Coins

Model 1 – Accepts Bills & Coins, Dispenses Coins

Optiva Model 2 - Accepts Bills & Dispenses 2 Types of Bills

Optiva Model 2 – Accepts Bills & Dispenses 2 Types of Bills

More Ways To Pay

  • Traditional Credit/Debit (PCI Compliant)
  • Contactless Payments (NFC Reader)
  • Smartphone Payments (Mobile Payment Apps: Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and PayPal Here)
  • EMV-Ready Level 2 Certified Security

24/7 Monitoring, Support & Maintenance Program

  • 24/7 Equipment Monitoring w/ Phone Alerts
  • Monthly software and Security Updates
  • Toll-free Support Desk 6AM – 6PM PST
  • Support Desk Available 365 Days/Year
  • 1st Year Platinum Support
  • Provided No Charge

WashMAX Remote Management & Marketing

  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring w/ Phone Alerts
  • Remote Management Reports & Accounting
  • Multi-site Fleet, Gift, Loyalty & Discount Programs
  • All Marketing Programs Day + Time Sensitive 1st Year WashMAX Subscription Provided No Charge
  • Windows Embedded POS Ready 2009
  • 15” multi-touch regradable touch screen from 3M
  • 1500nit LED backlit transective display
  • Custom wrap to augment your site branding
  • 100% Stainless Steel Enclosure
  • Secure EMV Lvl 2 Credit/Debit Card Processing
  • POS Interface for code sales at Pump & inside Store
  • High speed thermal printer with programmable receipt messages
  • ContactLess Near Field Communication Receiver
  • 3 outdoor-rated 10W speakers for stereo sound/intercom
  • 100 BaseT Ethernet port with lightening suppression
  • 3rd Party Certified PCI Compliant credit and gift card acceptance
  • Post sale advertisement (“Escrow Video”)
  • Wash menu function to show what each wash includes
  • Optioning sales feature allows for the sale of up to two Extra Services
  • Locking System with optional security alarm
  • Industry-leading customer loyalty programs
  • Multi-site fleet account programs
  • Remote Uptime Management monitor with error code notification through text or email message
  • Discount Codes—scheduled promotions that discount one or more wash packages by time of day or day of year.
  • RFID Reader for monthly and annual WashPass © programs.
  • Loss Traffic Control System – Express Tunnel Automation
  • Gate Controller with interfaces to most tunnel controllers


Optiva Virtual Attendant Entry System Brochure

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