Tunnel Signage

Coleman Hanna offers a unique range of eye-catching and appealing carwash signage. Our extensive catalog includes backlit menus, backlit tunnel columns, directional signage, banners, traffic signs, flashing signs and more all designed by our professional design team.

Looking for a menu board but want one with more pizzazz?

Look no further than the Grand Entrance Menu Boards. This 8’ sign is constructed of a stainless steel frame with LED backlit Lexan panels. Have your menu board customized to fit the theme of your car wash and create a modern look for your whole wash.

The customized Lexan panels are easily replaceable allowing you to change your menu as often as you would like. The Grand Menu Board works great for other information such as monthly pass plans and general car wash rules.

Custom Graphics Samples

Grand Entrance Arch

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Market Extra Profit Centers with 4 ft LED Backlit Horizon Columns!

Horizon Columns help market and illustrate additional revenue generating services to entice the customer to purchase. This marketing is ideal for non-arch services such as wheel cleaner and Tire Shine and is convenient for other applications that don't label the service such as Spot-Free Rinse, Carnauba Wax, etc. These Horizon Columns help confirm the customer’s purchase of the service by lighting up during application and complete the modern LED backlit look of the Grand Menu Board, Horizon Arches, and Grand Entrance Arch.

Custom Graphics Samples




Horizon Columns Brochure

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Directional Signage is vital for the smooth operation of a tunnel. Customers need to know where to enter the wash, vacuum location, and other locations such as the full service area.

Stand out from the rest with custom directional signage to match your car wash brand.


With endless choices of color and designs, you can create you own car wash banners. Displaying these colorful banners are a quick and easy way to promote your services, products and car washing. They are made of the same vinyl fabric that we construct our awnings and Diamond Signs with, giving it longer life than most "store-bought" banners, and you can color coordinate them with your car wash. Car Wash Banners are available in a standard 2' x 6' size, however, any size can be made. Double-sided banners are also available along with vertical banners for hanging on poles.

Custom Signage

Foam molded marquees to outdoor signs and posters, custom signage is the key to personalizing your car wash. Aluminum "pop-out" frames allow you to change your message as often as you like with pre-printed posters. Menu signs can be custom designed with your logo, theme and prices. Sign can teach, inform, promote and direct, so displaying signs at your site can improve customer relationships and make your location more visually appealing. Depending on the message, signs can be strategically placed on a wall, your mansard, on a fence, in your landscaping, or near the bill changers which is a central location for most customers. Our selection of signs can be color coordinated to match your car wash, thus creating a even more uniformed look. Our design department can create a unique look for you.

2-Position Wait & Go Traffic Sign

The Standard 2-Position Wait & Go Traffic Sign informs the customer when to "WAIT" to allow the blowers and conveyor to finish the wash, and then switches to "GO" when the car is ready to be driven out of the tunnel. This allows the vehicle to be dried completely and ensures optimal safety. For an additional boost on branding, consider a custom Standard 2-Position Wait & Go Traffic Sign by adding your car wash logo or brand.

3-Position Wait & Go Traffic Sign

For an additional light or direction, consider the 3-Position Traffic Sign. This sign is customized to suit your needs. Customers have used this light to signal full service location for customers that have purchased higher level packages, and free vacuum area for all other customers. Add your logo for some extra brand recognition.