Self Serve Car Wash Signs

Stand out from the rest with attractive high quality signs!

At Coleman Hanna, we have a full service print shop in our facilities allowing us the ability to provide high quality self serve signs including in bay signage as well as banners and custom signs for around your location. Choose from standard designs, or have our expert design team create a custom signage for your car wash.


car wash signs

With endless choices of color and designs, you can create your own CAR WASH BANNERS. Displaying these colorful banners are a quick and easy way to promote your services, products and car washing. They are made of the same vinyl fabric that we construct our awnings and Diamond Signs with, giving it longer life than most “store-bought” banners, and you can color coordinate them with your car wash. CAR WASH BANNERS are available in a standard 2’ x 6’ size, however, any size can be made. Double-sided banners are also available along with vertical banners for hanging on poles.

Diamond Signs

Car wash Signs

Made of aluminum tubing and vinyl, DIAMOND SIGNS are the newest promotional and marketing tool at today’s car wash. DIAMOND SIGNS are made to color coordinate your wash, therefore, adding visual appeal and informing your customers of products and services. Choose any design and any color combination, and you’ve just created your very own DIAMOND SIGN for your car wash. They are available in approximately 4’ and 8’ widths and can be easily installed on your building, fence or mansard. They can also be mounted on posts for displaying in landscaped areas.

In Bay Signs

Car wash Signs

The importance of in-bay signage is to inform the customers on how to use the products and/or to promote the products. With all of today’s in-bay options, a customer can become overwhelmed with the choices. By using signs inside the bay, it will be easier for the customer to understand each products use. Pictorial images of the product in use work best, but a “menu board” of product description will also aid the car wash user.

Custom Signs

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Foam molded marquees to outdoor signs and posters, custom signage is the key to personalizing your car wash. Aluminum “pop-out” frames allow you to change your message as often as you like with pre-printed posters. Menu signs can be custom designed with your logo, theme and prices. Signs can teach, inform, promote, and direct, so displaying signs at your site can improve customer relationships and make your location more visually appealing. Depending on the message, signs can be strategically placed on a wall, your mansard, on a fence, in your landscaping, or near the bill changers which is a central location for most customers. Our selection of signs can be color coordinated to match your car wash, thus creating an even more uniformed look. Our design department can create a unique look for you.

Custom Graphics Information

In Bay Automatics and Self Serve Equipment

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