Entrance Arches

Give the customer the best first impression with an attractively designed entrance arch and Grand Entrance Menu Board!

From the LED backlit Grand Entrance Arch to the backlit Grand Entrance Menu Board, Coleman Hanna offers the best solutions to dazzle your customer. For a more economical choice, the Stainless Grand Entrance Arch offers the same eye attracting value with optional custom branded graphics and 4 LED lights to confirm the wash purchase of the customer. To complete the modern look to your tunnel, Horizon Columns and Horizon Arches are LED backlit signage inside the tunnel. Horizon Arches apply a chemical as well as providing an eye appealing backlit sign with LED rope light inside. The Horizon Columns are useful for applications that are not clearly labeled to confirm with the customer that they are receiving the chemical by lighting up on application.

Ultimate Arch

Introducing the Ultimate Arch, complete with a wide variety of customizable options allowing you to build it your way!

The Ultimate Arch is an all stainless steel arch displaying colorful vibrant custom graphics to improve the customer experience of your tunnel. This arch is available in a range of options including one to two rows of chasing lights, four traffic lights, or lexan backlit legs. The chasing row(s) of lights are run by a programmable system that allows you to speed up how fast the lights chase. You can also change the color of the lights to white, red, blue or green. The LED traffic lights allow the operator to use the arch as an entrance arch to provide vital tunnel instructions on the left or confirmation of wash package purchase on the right. To truly create a dazzling customers’ experience, the operator can choose the LED backlit lexan legs with optional dividers to enhance the graphics.

This versatile arch not only provides beautiful graphics to solidify your brand, it also can be used for applying chemicals. A Wall of Foam manifold or chemical manifold can be mounted on the arch. The customizable graphics allow you to market the added product to inform the customer when they are receiving the add-on service.

  • 96” Clearance
  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Lexan Backlit Option has 12v DC LED’s inside to backlit the legs.
  • Single Row of Chasing LED’s
  • Double Row of Chasing LED’s
  • 4 Large LED Lights on left or right side of arch
  • Lexan Backlit Legs with easily replaceable lexan.
  • Available with custom graphics for additional charge
  • Mount Wall of Foam or Manifold

Custom Graphics Samples


Make a great start to their first impression of your wash by adding the Grand Entrance Arch™ by Coleman Hanna Carwash Systems!

The Grand Entrance Arch™ provides a professional and modern look that will attract and impress customers even from far away. Not only will it dazzle your customers, the arch will inform them of vital conveyor instructions and confirm the wash package purchased. Customers will be welcomed with a professional, clear and crisp, LED backlit sign that clearly confirms their purchase and delivers the instructions of your choice. The package of their choice is illuminated and the instructions are cycled allowing your employee to direct the customer’s attention to them.

The arch graphics are custom designed to promote your brand in a professional manner that is precise and attractive to your customer. The panels can be easily removed and changed to a new message when an update it needed.

A new look has never been so easy!

  • All Stainless Steel Construction with Lexan panels
  • Attractive graphics on Lexan Panels
  • 24v DC LED’s behind the Lexan panel to back light the graphics
  • Right hand side serves as a confirmation arch to show customer the wash package purchased
  • Left Hand side of arch serves as important safety instructions to customer to properly enter the tunnel
  • Custom Graphics Available on Arch
  • Send us your digitized logo so we can add it to your custom Grand Entrance Arch
Outside Dimensions: 10’-2” high x 13’-1” wide
Inside Dimensions: 8’-1” high x 9’-1” wide
Clearance: 96”

Custom Graphics Samples


Looking for a menu board but want one with more pizzazz?

Look no further than the Grand Entrance Menu Boards. This 8’ sign is constructed of a stainless steel frame with LED backlit Lexan panels. Have your menu board customized to fit the theme of your car wash and create a modern look for your whole wash.

The customized Lexan panels are easily replaceable allowing you to change your menu as often as you would like. The Grand Menu Board works great for other information such as monthly pass plans and general car wash rules.

Custom Graphics Samples

Stainless Steel Grand Entrance Arch provides the best first impression to your customer for an economical value!

The Stainless Steel Grand Entrance Arch is constructed of stainless steel with 4 LED lights to indicate the customer's chosen wash package. This arch is available with custom graphics in order to maximize your brand exposure and provide an attractive greeting to your customer.

The left side of the arch details important safety tunnel instructions making it easy for your employees to point out. The right side of the arch has 4 LED confirmation lights notifying the customer of the wash package they selected and are receiving. This provides confirmation to the customer ensuring they are receiving the package they paid for.

Custom Graphics Samples

For more information about Custom Graphics, please visit our Custom Graphics Section.


Market Extra Profit Centers with 4 ft LED Backlit Horizon Columns!

Horizon Columns help market and illustrate additional revenue generating services to entice the customer to purchase. This marketing is ideal for non-arch services such as wheel cleaner and Tire Shine and is convenient for other applications that don't label the service such as Spot-Free Rinse, Carnauba Wax, etc. These Horizon Columns help confirm the customer’s purchase of the service by lighting up during application and complete the modern LED backlit look of the Grand Menu Board, Horizon Arches, and Grand Entrance Arch.

Custom Graphics Samples


Upgrade your tunnel look to a new modern sleek style with LED Backlit Horizon Arches!

The 96" Horizon Arches™ by Coleman Hanna Carwash Systems brings the internal appearance of the car wash tunnel to a new level while enabling the operator to add additional services and sources of revenue! The arches, housed in high quality stainless steel construction, are backlit with lexan panels that allow custom graphics and branding that is easily replaced. Provide your custom graphics or allow our expert design team to craft your dream arch. Also standard is LED tube lighting around the inside of the arch to further enhance the modern appearance and improve your customer experience.

The LED tube light comes standard in:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Blue

The Horizon Arch™ is so versatile that the single arch can be used for:

  • Spraying
  • Applying Conditioners
  • Administering Polishing Chemicals
  • Rinsing
For the ultimate revenue enhancement add the 5 Step Sun Seal® Ultimate Car Care Process to your tunnel. This space saving design allows tunnels to easily add a dry and polish module to allow higher price and value wash packages. By simply adding one step or all five, operators create a higher value of the car wash by making the car cleaner, drier, and shinier.

Satisfy customers and drive them to purchase higher wash packages!

Step 1: Wall of Foam Conditioners


Loosens road film and dirt from the vehicle’s surface preparing a clean surface for polishing. Foaming generators provides an even application.

Step 2: Triple Foam Conditioner


Triple Foam Conditioner provides extra cleaning power when applied before friction elements. This intense clean and colorful display entices the customer to purchase. Triple Foam is a customer favorite additional service and will drive up revenue per wash!

Step 3: Sun Seal® Ultimate Vehicle Surface Protectant


Sun Seal® Ultimate Vehicle Surface Protectant provides the highest quality shine that appears to be hand waxed. This popular service seals in the protection and shields from the ultra violet properties of the sun and year-round elements.

Step 4: Wall of Water


Ensure a fully rinsed vehicle by using a full encompassing Wall of Water. The waterfall trough provides a pleasing and high performance rinse. Make sure all chemicals and polishes are rinsed!

Step 5: Shammy Shine


The Shammy Shine is a product that is new technology to your customers and provides state of the art perception by providing a hand dry finish with no labor while further enhancing the sheen of the vehicle.

Custom Graphics Samples


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