Put Your In Bay Automatic on the FasTrak!

Decrease wash time with the latest touch-free automatic from Coleman Hanna. The Dual Arm Overhead Bridge Design allows you to wash more cars per hour while still providing a consistently superior clean vehicle using zero degree oscillating nozzles. This innovative automatic provides an open and inviting bay with water saving technology.

Features & Benefits of FasTrak™

  • Dual Arm Design to Increase Speed
  • Multiple Chemicals Applied in One Pass
  • Faster Wash Time  – Increasing Cars Washed per Hour
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership due to Ease of Maintenance
  • Reliable Performance
  • Consistent Results
  • Open and Inviting Bay Welcomes Customer
  • 24’ Wall Mounted Overhead Rails
  • Belt Drive
  • Dual Tower Wash System
  • Oscillating Nozzles
  • Presoak
  • Vehicle Profiling
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Variable Frequency Drive Technology
  • Remote Access Control Center
  • Single High Pressure Pump Station
  • Single Pump for solutions and optional RO
  • Chemical Tire Applicator
  • High Pressure Wheel Cleaner
  • Undercarriage Wash
  • Triple Shine
  • Solution Package
  • Free Standing Blower
    More Information about Drying Systems for FasTrak
  • Overhead Boom
  • RO Reject Recycle
  • RO Spot Free Rinse
  • Water Reclaim System
  • Freeze Protection
  • Frame Mounted
Machine Height 10’ - 4” (3150 mm)
Machine Width 12’ - 2” (3708 mm)
Machine Depth 4’ - 1” (1245 mm)
Vehicle Clearance Height 7’ (2133 mm)
Vehicle Clearance Width 6’ 9” (2057 mm)
Distance Between Tracks 11’ - 9.75” (3600 mm)
Minimum Bay Height 10’ - 6” (3200 mm)
Minimum Bay Width 13’ - 9” (4191 mm)
Minimum Bay Length 25’ (7620 mm)
Washes most 20’ long vehicles
Car Wash Travel Speeds 1.4 ft/sec (315 mm/sec)
Average Wash Times Quick Wash: 2 mins
Standard Wash: 3 mins 12 secs
Water Supply Pipe 3/4” or 1”
Water Pressure 20 GPM @ 60 PSI
144 lpm @ 4.2 bar
Air Supply Pipe 3/8”
Air Pressure 60 PSI 10 CFM
Power Supply 3 Phase – 208 V/230 V
1 Phase – 115V
Control Voltage 24 VDC
Dryer Capacity Stand Alone (Optional)
Connected Load 67 Actual Amp Draw
Standard Signage


Stop & Go Sign

Standard with the FasTrak, this helpful sign notifies the customer of helpful directions inside the bay indicating when the customer should Stop or Go according to the wash cycle.

Optional Signage


Confirmation Sign

This optional sign informs the customer about the step of the wash cycle they are currently on.


Entrance Sign

The Entrance Sign is placed outside of the bay to notify the customer when to enter the bay or when to wait for the current wash cycle to finish before entering the bay.

Installation Manual

Parts Manual

Technical Drawings