Wind Wizard 2.0

Complete the wash with an effective blower system. The Wind Wizard 2.0 comes in an on board package or as a free standing system. The programmable rotating center nozzle makes it easy and effective to dry the vehicle from both directions. The stainless steel reinforced molded housing provides greater safety and less noise.

On Board Blower

Water Wizard 2.0

  • Stainless steel re-enforced molded producer housing for greater safety and less noise
  • 10 HP TEFC motors with welded steel fans
  • Open design allows easy access
  • Dynamically balanced fan
  • Ability to dry vehicle from both directions Programmable rotating center nozzle
  • Heavy duty stainless steel safety screen
  • Includes motor starters
  • Air flow: 10 HP motor – 3,800 CFM per nozzle
  • Air speed: 155 mph

Free Standing Floor Mount

Freestanding Dryers

  • Same features as on-board blower except motor starter package is optional
  • Overall height: 127 1/2”
  • Overall width: 184 1/2”
  • Maximum clearance: 90” High X 115” wide

EQ Series Blowers

EQ and EQ H.E.S.S. series dryers are all about high efficiency and lower energy consumption while keeping it easy and simple. Coleman Hanna’s focus is on the quality of manufacturing and quality of air flow while using the least amount of energy to effectively move water to achieve the driest vehicle possible.

  • Plastic housings are durable, corrosion resistance and sound dampening.
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware for easy maintenance and corrosion resistance
  • Hanna hi-flow plastic round nozzles standard
  • Powder coated steel impellor with backward curved blades are welded on both sides for durability
  • Up to 5 dryers can be mounted on a single stainless steel arch
  • Each 10 HP blower produces 7800 CFM of air per with actual BHP of less than 9.0
  • Standard 10hp TEFC and 15hp TEFC motors (metric motors available in 10 HP only)
  • Impellers are statically & dynamically balanced for power efficiency, smooth operation and improved motor life.
  • Housing rotates 360 degrees to allow fine tuning of the air stream.
  • Hanna recommends the use of Hanna Variable frequency drives to further lower electricity cost
  • Corrosion resistant plastic intake cone and aluminum inlet screen
  • Stainless Steel Housings from the H.E.S.S. series provide added durability, corrosion resistance, and an easy to maintain appearance.

Variable Frequency Drive Advantages

  • Designed to soft start the blower motors
  • Lowers peak demand on your electric bill
  • Lowers your electrical cost of operating blower
  • Blowers last longer with VFD’s