The Follower Wheel Washer follows the vehicle’s wheel for 5’ along with the conveyor blasting away dirt and brake dust. The Follower Wheel Washer uses Turbo Blast nozzles to provide maximum cleaning force to thoroughly clean the wheels and tires. A 15 HP high pressure pump stand (not included) is required to deliver 18 GPM at 1000 PSI to the Follower Wheel Washer. Each side delivers 9 GPM to blast away hard to reach dirt in the wheels and tires.

The Follower Wheel Washer includes a VFD and PLC to control the speed of the motor to match the speed of the conveyor. The Follower Wheel Washer goes the same speed of the conveyor while washing the tire, but returns quickly back to the beginning of the 5’ track to wash the next set of tires. Save conveyor space by mounting the Follower Wheel Washer inside the posts of a mitter.

Technical Specifications:

  • Able to mount inside the posts of a mitter to save tunnel space or Free Standing with free standing posts. (64” Length of tunnel space required)
  • Stainless Steel Construction and UHMW rollers to provide years of service.
  • Electrical consumption – 208/240 or 460 volt (small .16 HP drive motor) pulls less than 1 amp
  • Control Panel with VFD and PLC with power supply is included.
  • Water Consumption – Requires a 15HP 18 gpm pump stand to provide the required water.
  • 5’ Track length


Follower Wheel Washer

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Hanna’s Foaming Tire and Wheel Applicator (TWA) generates a thick layer of foam and applies it to the wheel and tire.

The foam sticks to the wheel longer, allowing more time for the chemical to work on brake dust and road grime. The Foaming TWA utilizes Hanna’s Hockey Puck foam generators and is activated using an electronic sensor pad. The Tie and wheel Applicator is most effective when used with Hanna High Pressure Wheel Washer, Hanna Tire Brush or Stepped Tire Brush.

  • Maximize the effectiveness of your Wheel Chemical with the Foaming CTA Applicators
  • Unique design generates thick foam for maximizing dwell time
  • Requires a single computer function
  • Best when used with the Hanna High Pressure Wheel Washer
  • Can be used just on wheels or on the entire side of vehicle


Foaming Tire Wheel Applicator

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HydraBlast High Pressure Wheel Washer

Hanna’s HydraBlast creates impingement and maximizes dwell time through the use of a rotating manifold that pivots to follow both the front & rear wheels. The HydraBlast utilizes Hanna’s exclusive spray head with multiple zero degree nozzles to deliver a concentrated blast of water onto the wheel surface. The freestanding modular design requires little conveyor space and is simple to add to new or existing car washes.

HydraBlast Features:

  • The HydraBlast utilizes two self rotating spray heads each with 5 nozzles (10 total on each side) delivering 18 gpm at 1000 psi.
  • The HydraBlast rotating swivel is rated to 5000 PSI for extra strength and longevity.
  • The HydraBlast Wheel Washer follows the front wheel before pivoting to follow the rear wheel.
  • The ability to follow each wheel allows for maximum dwell time and impingement.

Invader High Pressure Wheel Washer

The Invader is a fixed position high pressure applicator. The Invader utilizes the same rotating spray head configuration as the HydraBlast, but because it is fixed position it does not pivot with the movement of the vehicle wheels. The simple low maintenance design also takes less tunnel space than other low side high pressure washers. The Invader can be attached to any post or mounted with freestanding posts.

Invader Features:

  • The Invader utilizes the same rotating spray head as the HydraBlast.
  • The Invader can be used as a fixed position low side and wheel washer.
  • The Invader can be attached to any 4”x4” post to concentrate cleaning power where it is needed.


HydraBlast & Invader High Pressure Wheel Washer Brochure

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Regular & Cloth Tire Brushes

Hanna’s Tire Washer 96 (TW-96) effectively cleans tires with its adjustable tension control, adjustable brush height and 96” (2.44 m) long brush. It automatically adjusts to vehicle widths and comes with PVC entrance guides for vehicle safety. Hydraulic drive motors are mounted on the exit end of the brush for quick and easy accessibility. Simplified hose routing allows for easy installation.


Stepped Tire Brush

Hanna’s Stepped Tire Brush was created out of the need to safely and automatically clean the outside surface of the tire while cleaning the inside surface of the wheel at the same time. The Stepped Brush is designed using 9” Polypropylene in a dense concentration for washing the tire along with 12” lengths of Polypropylene with feathered tips for washing the inside of the wheel. These sections alternate in 6” increments for the length of the 96” brush. Field conversion kits are also available for existing TW-96 Tire Washers.

Regular Tire Brush


Cloth Tire Brush


Stepped Tire Brush


  • Available with cloth, Polypropylene standard or stepped brush.
  • Optional Retract System
  • Optional CTA Chemical Applicator
Operating Space 14’6” (4.42 m)
Brush Length 96” (2.44 m)
Brush Diameter 8” (.20 m)
PVC Entrance Guides Diameter 3” (.08 m)


Tire Washer Brochure

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Increase revenue and customer satisfaction by adding the Tire Shine Applicator to your Tunnel!

The Hanna Tire Shine Applicator applies an even coat of tire dressing from the edge of the tire tread to the edge of the wheel. Hanna’s exclusive drip manifold system applies chemical to the tips of the rotating polyethylene heavy flagged brush. The special manifold is fed from three different points to ensure an even delivery of product to the tire brush. This process lowers the amount of chemical used per application and minimizes runoff to the floor. The Hanna Tire Shine unique brush design allows the tips to contour to the shape of the tire maximizing coverage while maintaining an even application. The system comes complete with brush retracts and dual chemical pumping system.

  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • Polyethylene heavy flagged brush
  • 96” x 2 1/2” Steel hollow tube for dramatically improved strength
  • Hydraulic drive
Operating Space: 14’ 6” (442 cm)
Width: 11’ 10” (361 cm)
Length: 12’ 4 ¾” (378 cm)
  • Air actuated retracts and controls
  • PVC tire guide for safety
  • Exclusive chemical drip manifold with three feed points
  • Clear rubber splash guard
  • Dual Flowjet pumping station
Hydraulic Flow: 3 GPM @ 200 PSI (11.4 LPM @ 14 Bar)
Electrical: 60 watts @ 24 VAC
Air: 0.02 CFM per vehicle @ 90 PSI ( 6 bar)
Brush: Polyethylene heavy flagged brush
Solution: 1 – 2 oz per application
(results may vary depending upon the chemical used)


Tire Shine Brochure

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