Tunnel Systems

Express & Full Service Conveyorized Tunnel Car Wash Systems offer the highest wash volume and generate the most cash flow out of any other type of car wash system. Conveyor tunnel car wash systems are controlled by a conveyor in order to control the wash speed. By controlling the wash speed, operators are able to maximize the cars washed per hour. Increasing the cars washed per hour means increasing revenue and profits.

The main advantages of conveyor tunnel car wash systems are:

– Faster
– More Cars Washed per Hour.
– Generates More Revenue compared to other car wash types.
– Customizable
– Based on your needs, location, and size.
– High Safety
– Conveyor monitors space between cars to prevent collisions.

Typically, conveyor car washes operate as express exterior only services, flex-serve, or full-service.

– Express Exterior – Focuses on cleaning vehicle's exterior and providing tools for customer to clean interior. Requires less labor costs.

– Flex - Service – Offer select interior cleaning services.

– Full Service –  Offer luxury detailing packages cleaning the full interior. These locations have the highest revenue potential but require the most extra labor.

– Advantages of Hanna Conveyor Tunnel Car Wash Equipment:

  • Industry Standard Since the 1960's
  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Long Lasting
  • High Functionality and Cleaning Power
  • Innovative
  • High Quality Support
  • Options for Adding Additional Revenue Generating Services

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Conveyor System Components

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