Hub Cap Rocker Panel

The Hubcap Rocker Panel Brush (HCRP)

The Hubcap Rocker Panel Brush (HCRP) gives special cleaning attention not only to rocker panels but also to hubcaps and deep-rimmed wheels. Even though lower vertical surfaces vary greatly in contour from one vehicle to another, the design of the Hubcap Rocker Panel Brush ensures that the rocker panel area is clean on every car, regardless of size or shape.

The HCRP comes in three sizes 21”, 28” and 35”. Shorter brushes penetrate deeper into the wheel wells and create more friction on the wheel and tire - while taller HCRP brushes reach higher vertical surfaces. The Lower portion of each HCRP brush has a wider and longer cut to allow better penetration in the wheel well area wheel including the tires and wheels. Tension against the vehicle is achieved by an adjustable shock and spring assembly. There is also an adjustable stop bracket to set the rest position. The HCRP can be ordered free-standing or post mounted

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