Bug Wash and Trash Can


Stainless Steel Bug Wash Tank mounted on stainless steel 4"X4" Post

Ensure stuck-on bugs are GONE with the all-stainless steel self-serve Bug Wash! During the summer, stuck on bugs pose a problem for car

wash operators. With the Bug Wash self serve prep wash station, operators can be confident that all bugs will come off after the wash. This high-quality all stainless steel unit has a long life able to withstand customer use or abuse. This easy-to-apply pre-wash is applied by customers prior to entering a wash bay. This prep wash station is suitable for multiple applications and can help remove stuck on dirt or snow sludge during the winter time. The Bug Wash prep wash station is dependable and suitable for year-round use. Customize your Bug Wash station with your logo for additional fees. Guarantee the best wash for your customers with no extra labor required.


Technical Specifications:

• Stainless steel tank
• Aluminum 4” x 4” post with baseplate
• Tank will hold over 30 gallons
• Drain valve in the bottom of the tank
• Stainless steel fitting near top to plumb in for an easy filling
• Shelf inside tank to keep the brush from going all the way to the bottom of the tank
• Stainless steel tray to hold the sponge


Stainless Steel TRASH CAN is also available