Hanna’s Wind Blade

Save conveyor space and add additional revenue enhancing applications with this new space!



Hanna’s Wind Blade is a unique drying system designed to save conveyor space and to reduce energy costs. The Wind Blade accomplishes both goals by using proven theories. It takes less energy to move something in motion than it does an object that is in a stationary position. In other words, water is easier to move while it is still moving on the vehicle in the final rinse application than when it is stationary and lying flat on the surface of the vehicle.

By placing the Wind Blade 4’ to 5’ behind the final rinse application we are able to use the 20 HP Wind Blade to remove a very high percentage of the water from the vehicle. This allows additional EQ H.E.S.S. (high efficiency stainless steel) blowers placed closely behind the Wind Blade to finish the drying of the vehicle using much less energy and saving valuable conveyor space. Saving valuable conveyor space allows you to add other revenue generating products such as to increase your revenue and profitability and customers experience.


Wind Blade

  • Stainless Steel housings are durable, corrosion resistance and attractive.
  • Wind Blade pivots toward front of vehicle or toward back of vehicle
  • Wind Blade helps dry the back of Trucks, vans and SUV’s
  • Standard 10 HP TEFC motors
  • Housing rotates toward vehicle at 22 degrees to help blow off the water
  • The Wind Blade comes with 2- 10 HP Stainless steel blowers
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware for easy maintenance and corrosion resistance
  • Powder coated steel impellor with backward curved blades are welded on both sides for durability
  • Each 10 HP blower produces 7800 CFM of air per with actual BHP of less than 9.0
  • Impellers are statically & dynamically balanced for power efficiency, smooth operation and improved motor life
  • Hanna recommends the use of Hanna Variable frequency drives to further lower electricity cost

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