Coleman Hanna offers a wide variety of specialized solutions designed for specific needs of an Auto Dealer. From conveyorized tunnels to drive thru tunnel systems, we will work with you to find the best-suited tunnel for your needs. We also offer a wide variety of in bay automatics both touch-free and soft touch and self serve equipment. The Splash-N-Dash and iShine Rinse System are economical solutions to keep cars on the lot clean.

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No other car wash manufacturer beats the decades of experience Hanna has to offer, which is why the industry so often turns to us to develop innovative new car wash systems. Hanna’s years of experience is combined with its team of world-class engineers and designers to provide the most advanced and effective systems available. We offer a wide variety of lengths of tunnels from the 28’ In Bay Tunnel and up to a 300’ conveyorized tunnel.

Our innovative tunnel technology is trusted by auto manufacturers which makes it a perfect fit for auto dealers.

Over 120 auto manufacturer installations throughout the world rely on Coleman Hanna Carwash Systems to wash their cars:

  • BMW
  • Mercedes
  • Chrysler
  • Lexus
  • Nissan
  • General Motors
  • Ford
  • Toyota
  • Audi
  • and many more
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Coleman Hanna’s Fleet Wash Systems provide exceptional cleaning performance while decreasing the amount of labor required to keep clean cars on the lot. The Fleet Wash Systems operate as drive thru systems and are composed of the highest cleaning power for the short amount of required tunnel space.

Operate your own high quality tunnel with as little space as 24’. Need more cleaning power for a larger lot? Consider our longer models 45’ or 56’ with optional conveyor to maximize the cars washed per hour. More cars cleaned per hour means less labor and more time for the cars to be on the lot. Coleman Hanna has experience for over 40 years in tunnel systems and has installations in hundreds of auto manufacturers and dealers worldwide. In fact, before a buyer takes delivery of a car, odds are Hanna has washed it twice — once at the factory and again before delivery.

Provide clean, dry and shiny vehicles to help portray a better image to potential customers and sell more vehicles!

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Coleman Hanna manufacturers a wide variety of in bay automatics, giving operators the choice between touch-free, soft touch, or combination systems. These high quality and easy to use systems provide auto dealers with dependable cleaning power. The Water Wizard FasTrak™ has a faster wash time than other in bay automatics making it a perfect choice for auto dealers. The FusionX and eFusion provide the ultimate cleaning power comparable to much longer tunnel systems. Water Wizard 2.0 is the ultimate touch-free rollover system that provides the best clean without touching the car. Depend on the expertise of Coleman Hanna for the best solution for your lot!

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iShine Rinse System


The iShine Rinse System™ provides a process to wash all the vehicles on the lot, keeping them clean, shiny, spot-free and ready to sell. This portable wash system delivers high pressure spot-free water that keeps the vehicles clean and in sales ready condition.

Keep your inventory ready to sell with the iShine Rinse System™.

Clean cars sell!

iShine Rinse System



Car Wash In a Box - Compact Pump and Self Serve Station in One!

Splash-N-Dash™ is a single bay self-contained car wash. This system offers a wide variety of features including low pressure tire cleaner/engine cleaner, high pressure soap, high pressure rinse, and High-Gloss Wax. The equipment arrives pre-wired and plumbed, is fully assembled and ready to install wherever electrical power and fresh water connections are available. The stainless steel cabinet ensures all weather performance in any climate providing corrosion resistant, maintenance free care.


Auto Dealer Solutions

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