Drive Thru Tunnel Systems

Provide clean, dry, and shiny vehicles to help portray a better image to potential customers and sell more vehicles!


Coleman Hanna’s Drive Thru Tunnel Systems provide exceptional cleaning performance while decreasing the amount of labor required to keep clean cars on the lot. The Drive Thru Tunnel Systems can operate as drive thru systems or with a conveyor. These systems are composed of the highest cleaning power for the short amount of required tunnel space. Operate your own high quality tunnel with as little space as 24’. Need more cleaning power for a larger lot? Consider our longer models 45’ or 54’ with optional conveyor to maximize the cars washed per hour. More cars cleaned per hour means less labor and more time for the cars to be on the lot.

Coleman Hanna has experience for over 50 years in tunnel systems and has installations in hundreds of auto manufacturers and dealers worldwide. Hanna is trusted by BMW, Mercedes, Chrysler, Lexus, Nissan, General Motors, Ford, Toyota and Audi — to name a few. In fact, before a buyer takes delivery of a car, odds are Hanna has washed it twice — once at the factory and again before delivery.

Tunnel Components:

  1. 56’ Guide Rails
  2. Entry Eyes
  3. Pre-Soak Arch
  4. Tire & Wheel Applicator
  5. Top Washer
  6. Tire Brush
  7. Flex Wraps & Side Washers
  8. Undercarriage Applicator
  9. HP Wheel Washer & Side Blast
  10. Rinse Arch
  11. Wax Arch
  12. Spot Free Arch
  13. Tire Glaze
  14. 3 - Air Dryers with Fin Nozzle

56' Drive Thru Tunnel System

Drive Thru Tunnel System

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Technical Specifications

  • 66 gpm fresh water
  • 65 gpm reclaim water
  • 24 gpc fresh water
  • 23 gpc reclaim water
  • 5.4 SCFM Compressed Air
  • 207 amps @ 230 V Required

Complete & Customizable Tunnel Systems

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