Optiva Virtual Attendant Entry System

Introducing the latest innovation in entry systems: the OptiVA Virtual Attendant. The OptiVA Virtual Attendant offers your customers More Ways to Pay, 7x24 Hosting & Support and WashMAX remote management and marketing tools to maximize your profits. The OptiVa Virtual Attendant greets your customer, educates them on key wash benefits and upsells them to a higher ticket price – almost better than if you were doing it yourself! The Virtual Attendant offers a warm and friendly greeting that provides excellent customer experience. Studies show that if a customer is offered a compelling proposition, half of them will upgrade to a higher wash package and an additional service! The Virtual Attendant offers your customers More Ways to Pay including the new NFC-based contactless credit cards and smart phone based mobile payments including Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and PayPal Here with the added security of an EMV Level 2 certified reader! This system offers c-store locations the ability to purchase washes at the cashier or at the fuel dispenser. The OptiVA Virtual Attendant includes a one year subscription to WashMAX, the leading remote management and multi-site marketing tool kit so you can implement fleet programs, loyalty clubs, social media campaigns and other programs to optimize customer retention and increase average ticket price.

Model 0 - Cashless

Model 0 - Cashless

Model 1 - Accepts Bills & Coins, Dispenses Coins

Model 1 - Accepts Bills & Coins, Dispenses Coins

Model 2 - Accepts Bills & Dispenses 2 Types of Bills

Optiva Model 2 - Accepts Bills & Dispenses 2 Types of Bills

More Ways To Pay

  • Traditional Credit/Debit (PCI Compliant)
  • Contactless Payments (NFC Reader)
  • Smartphone Payments (Mobile Payment Apps: Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and PayPal Here)
  • EMV-Ready Level 2 Certified Security

24/7 Monitoring, Support & Maintenance Program

  • 24/7 Equipment Monitoring w/ Phone Alerts
  • Monthly software and Security Updates
  • Toll-free Support Desk 6AM – 6PM PST
  • Support Desk Available 365 Days/Year
  • 1st Year Platinum Support
  • Provided No Charge

WashMAX Remote Management & Marketing

  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring w/ Phone Alerts
  • Remote Management Reports & Accounting
  • Multi-site Fleet, Gift, Loyalty & Discount Programs
  • All Marketing Programs Day + Time Sensitive 1st Year WashMAX Subscription Provided No Charge
  • Windows Embedded POS Ready 2009
  • 15” multi-touch regradable touch screen from 3M
  • 1500nit LED backlit transective display
  • Custom wrap to augment your site branding
  • 100% Stainless Steel Enclosure
  • Secure EMV Lvl 2 Credit/Debit Card Processing
  • POS Interface for code sales at Pump & inside Store
  • High speed thermal printer with programmable receipt messages
  • ContactLess Near Field Communication Receiver
  • 3 outdoor-rated 10W speakers for stereo sound/intercom
  • 100 BaseT Ethernet port with lightening suppression
  • 3rd Party Certified PCI Compliant credit and gift card acceptance
  • Post sale advertisement (“Escrow Video”)
  • Wash menu function to show what each wash includes
  • Optioning sales feature allows for the sale of up to two Extra Services
  • Locking System with optional security alarm
  • Industry-leading customer loyalty programs
  • Multi-site fleet account programs
  • Remote Uptime Management monitor with error code notification through text or email message
  • Discount Codes—scheduled promotions that discount one or more wash packages by time of day or day of year.
  • RFID Reader for monthly and annual WashPass © programs.
  • Loss Traffic Control System - Express Tunnel Automation
  • Gate Controller with interfaces to most tunnel controllers


Optiva Virtual Attendant Entry System Brochure

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