Velocity Self Serve In Bay Hand Dryers

Blast the water off the vehicle and even floor mats. Ideal for any self serve operator looking to offer more detailing services and create a new profit center!

  • Self Serve In Bay Dryers
  • Self Serve In Bay Dryers

This high quality in bay dryer has a twin motor design and aerodynamic nozzle design to provide tremendous drying power while still being easy to use. The hand held air tool quickly blasts water off the vehicle and off clean floor mats. System includes: power pack, boom, special hose, unique nozzle, nozzle holder, and signs to encourage sales. Be the first location in your market to offer this innovative and powerful hand drying tool!

Attract more customers by offering the in bay drying with the Velocity In-Bay Blowers.

  • Twin High Output Blowers
  • Delay Timer To Eliminate False Starts
  • Air Knife Nozzle With Neo Glide Guides
  • Poly Nozzle Holster
  • Hose Nozzle Kit
  • Blue 30” x 2” Connector Hose
  • Blue 15’ x 2” Deliver Hose
  • Poly Dome
  • 180 Deg. Wall Boom # 73006 Included
  • Boom Length 5’-0”
  • Bay Sign Included
  • Meter Decal Sticker Included
  • Menu Strip Included

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