Warranty Information

Distributor/Customer Delivery Acceptance

Before signing for delivery, the distributor/customer must check the equipment for piece count and damage.

Piece Count

Every packing list has the total number of pieces shipped from Hanna.  The number of pieces will vary, but is usually between 1 and 20.  Check the bill and count the pieces on the load.  Be aware that several large items will only count as one piece if they are banded together.  Any discrepancies (shortages) in piece count must be clearly noted on the Bill of Lading.

The installing distributor/customer has 14 days from receipt of the equipment to report any shortages to Coleman Hanna Car Wash Systems.  Because of this time frame, it is important to take a COMPLETE inventory as soon as possible.


Inspect the load thoroughly before unloading, and make note of any visible damage on the Bill of Lading before you sign it.  This will help later if a freight damage claim is filed against the freight carrier.  Remember that the freight carrier is responsible for any damage during transit.  Hidden damage may show up later as you uncrate equipment.  If so, notify the freight company’s nearest office as soon as possible.

Filing Freight Claims

If damage is discovered during uncrating, immediately call the freight carrier’s nearest office for an onsite inspection of damage.  Do not throw any crating materials away, save them for the carrier’s representative to inspect.  To recover damages, mail copies of the carrier’s claim form, the invoice for repairs, the delivery receipt, and the inspection report to the carrier within 90 days of the delivery date.


Look for the crate with “Open Me First” or “Manuals” stenciled on the sides.  This is the crate that you will want to open immediately.   You will find a three ring binder specific to the order, containing all of the manuals and drawings for the car wash site.  They will cover installation, assembly, parts identification, and operation.

At the time of startup, be sure to complete form 1111, “Hanna Car Wash Start-up Review and Warranty Report” (page 7) and return it to:

Coleman Hanna Car Wash Systems 

Attn:  Hanna Quality Systems Manager

5842 West 34th Street

Houston, TX 77092