Water Treatment, Reverse Osmosis & Water Softeners

From the high efficiency Sweetwater Reclaim Water Treatment System to the Reverse Osmosis Spot-Free Rinse to the Water Softeners, Coleman Hanna offers all the latest advances in water treatment and reprocessing. Saving water is crucial in today's world. Modern car washes require water reclaim or recycling systems to decrease the amount of fresh water usage. Spot-Free Reverse Osmosis Systems are vital to ensure a spot-free final rinse to the vehicle. Water Softeners have always been essential to remove hardness in the water and prepare it for car washing.

Sweetwater Water Treatment (Reclaim) System

Finally a simple robust reclaim system that won’t break the bank. Save up to 120 gallons per minute, with the dual element system, with 32 internal hydrocyclones to spin the dirt right out of your wash water. Clear Lexan bowls let you see the removed particulate. Graphic PLC monitors the system, providing water on demand and performs the self cleaning function. When not needed the VFD controlled high efficiency motor slows to recirculation mode. Optional
ozone removes color and odor and the optional bio control gets rid of surfactants, keeping your storage tank water fresh. Slim design fits easily into most equipment rooms or wash bays.
  • Centrifugal Pump
  • Oversized Basket Strainer
  • Foot Valve & Strainer
  • VFD to change the speed of the pump for variable output on the pump
  • Cyclone separator has 16 small cyclone separators in one housing for peak performance
  • Automatic bypass with pressure switch
  • PLC mounted inside Nema Enclosure with interface to display errors and conditions of equipment
    3 phase 208-240/460 volt ac


10 Gm per hour with Airsep Topaz industrial oxygen concentrator. Ozone is a corona discharge unit capable of removing color and odor, grease and oil from your reclaim tanks keeping your water fresh and ready to use. Ozone is 10 times stronger than chlorine and is made on-site with electricity.

Bio Control- Programmed Bio Pump with Munox Injector

Stenner pre-programmed peristaltic pump provides accurate inoculation of the biological agent into your wash water that effectively eats grease and oil as well as soaps and wax. It helps remove odor and works very well in conjunction with the ozone system. Comes with injector and two month supply.

Stainless Steel Bag Filter

Provides finer filtration to protect sensitive piston pumps and valves enabling you to use even more reclaim water in your wash. Bags come in a variety of sizes and mesh (micron sizes) to fit your needs. 0-100 gpm. Dual bag filters for high volume applications are also available.

Self Cleaning Filter

Stainless Steel filter and element provide maintenance free operation and absolute filtration. 25 micron rated provides superior protection and filtration. Self cleaning process requires control power and compressed air for the valves and purge function.

Filtration System

  • Height: 77”, Width: 62.25”, Depth: 21” weight 615 lb (shipping weight 740 lb)
  • Input power: 208/230/480 volt, 3 phase @ 13.1 / 11.5 / 5.7 amp max (50 or 60 hz)
  • Control Power: 115 vac, 60 hz 2 amp max, or 230 vac 50 hz 1 amp max
  • Automatic Control: On/OFF/Automatic push button control with display screen
  • Automatic Fresh Water Bypass capable of 10 amp max output energizes on low pressure
  • Primary Pump: 5 HP pump, 120 GPM @ 65 max PSI
  • Particulate Separator: 16 or 32 Self-Purging Vortex Filters with clear Lexan bowl
  • Inlet filtration: Oversized Stainless Steel Cleanable Basket Strainer lint filter
  • Primary Filtration: single or dual element cyclonic separators with filtration down to 10 micron
  • Water Inlet: 3” FNPT
  • Filtered Water Outlet: 2” FNPT
  • Purge Outlet: 1 ½” FNPT
  • Self Cleaning Cycle Time: 7 seconds
  • Recirculation via 1” FNPT preset pressure regulator to ozone or air sparging manifold

Ozone/Bio Control

  • Ozone or oxygen injection manifold size 1”, included.
  • Plumbing line size 1.25” required
  • U.L. approved electronics provide world wide service.
  • Self cleaning dirt collection and extra large pre-filter reduces maintenance saving time and money.
Model HP GPM Cyclones Can be Used for:
Base Model 16CS60-3 3 60 16
  • Undercarriage
  • Wheel Blasters
  • Hydrocell Pumps
  • Single In-Bay
  • Wash Down
Model 16CS100-5 5 100 16
  • Undercarriage
  • Wheel Blasters
  • Hydrocell Pumps
  • Single In-Bay
  • Dual In-Bay
  • Wash Down
Model 32CS100-5 5 120 32
  • Undercarriage
  • Wheel Blasters
  • Hydrocell Pumps
  • Single In-Bay
  • Dual In-Bay
  • Mini Tunnel
  • Full Tunnel
  • Wash Down
  • Hose connections ok to hook-up equipment to suction and discharge stub-ups. Use reinforced suction approved hose. Max suction= 30” HG vacuum
  • Use SCH 80 PVC union with viton o-ring on ozone line. Spears Par # 8057-012
  • Do not use copper for ozone or bio line.
  • Reclaim water out to equipment normally tubbed to wall pipe and not shown.


Dimensions from center of pipe:

  • Discharge line 3” PVC SCH 40 or 80 2” from back of the unit
  • Ozone or Bio line 1.25” PVC SCH 40 6” from back of the unit
  • Suction Line 3” SCH 80 PVC 10” from back of the unit
  • Spare Suction Line 3” SCH 80 PVC 14” from back of the unit

General Notes:

  1. Reclaim should sit two to four inches from equipment room wall.
  2. Do not stub-up pipes tight together or against wall.
  3. Leave room for plumbing to unit. We recommend 16”.
  4. Use SCH 80 cleaner and gray glue for suction lines. Cleaner and glue on all others.
  5. Use of 45 fittings instead of elbows on suction and discharge lines will improve performance.

Sweetwater Reclaim System Brochure

Sweetwater Water Treatment/Reclaim Brochure

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Sweetwater Spot Free Rinse System

Spot-Free Reverse Osmosis System



Coleman Hanna Carwash Systems has designed, engineered and manufactured spot-free rinse systems utilizing reverse osmosis (RO) technology since the 1980’s. Having experience during five decades, Coleman Hanna is clearly a leader and innovator in this field.

Spot-free rinse is a very important part of the vehicle wash process. Water naturally contains Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), when water evaporates it leaves behind the solids or powders on the vehicle and they become spots.

What would have been a clean and shiny vehicle now is not and actually can lead to a displeased customer. This dissatisfied customer gives negative reviews about your business which prevents potential customers from visiting your car wash.

It is much easier and profitable to remove the spots from the final rinse water. Reverse osmosis is a mechanical process where fresh water, without chlorine, is pumped through membranes, which remove the TDS from the water. This produces clean water that allows vehicles to be rinsed and be spot-free. As the membranes collect the TDS they require a flushing process to keep them clean and functioning properly. This is called the reject water and can be designed to be recycled back into the system.

At Coleman Hanna we have learned that the most efficient way to size systems is to manufacture systems up to 6,000 GPD and then duplicate multiple systems into one to meet the daily requirement of the system. Water storage capacity is also a factor as water usage is usually in 10 hours per day or less while production is ongoing 24 hours per day

Reverse Osmosis Process


Engineering and Maintenance -

Engineered with the best available components on the market, the Sweetwater Spot- Free Rinse System will deliver low pressure pure water to the car wash bay. The Sweetwater Spot-Free Rinse System can be installed “on-board” for newly purchased wash systems or separately for existing car washes. Installation can usually be done in a day, without downtime. Regular maintenance can be done by the operator simply by changing prefilters and checking water for purity.

More Customers, More Profits -

By offering RO with your car wash, you will not only gain satisfied customers, but you can also increase your bay income. RO can produce up to 12% of your bay income. This is the most cost effective product in a bay giving you a high rate of return on

  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • 5 micro Prefilter
  • Product Flow meters
  • Reject Flow meters
  • Reject Recover Flow meters
  • Two production units on one frame to produce the product water
  • Units available in 4,000; 6,000; 8,000; 10,000 or 12,000 GPD
  • Computer controlled with automatic flush on membranes
  • Two separate set of controls on one frame
  • Delivery pumps available on the unit
  • Includes a 5 or 6 cubic foot back washable Charcoal filter
  • Three phase 208-230 volt or 460 volt
Delivery Pump for Spot Free Rinse to Conveyor

  • Requires Three Phase Power
  • 1 HP/3PH-14 Stage Booster Pump
  • Motor Starter with 24V Coil
  • Mounted on RO Production Stand
  • Specify Voltage Signal to Turn on Delivery Pump if Different than 24V
TDS Meter

  • Hand-held
  • Easy to Use and Read
  • Sprite Brand
265 Gal. Polyethylene Tank

  • 8” Manway Hole
  • 3/4” Tank Adapter
  • Weight: 50 Lb.
  • Size: 31”D x 91”H
550 Gal. Polyethylene Tank

  • 8” Manway Hole
  • 3/4” Tank Adapter
  • Weight: 120 Lb.
  • Size: 46”D x 83”H
  • This tank requires a 4 foot wide door
650 Gal. Polyethylene Tank

  • 8” Manway Hole
  • 3/4” Tank Adapter
  • Weight: 165 Lb.
  • Size: 46”D x 97”H
  • This tank requires a 4 foot wide door
700 Gal. Polyethylene Tank

  • 8” Manway Hole
  • 3/4” Tank Adapter
  • Weight: 180 Lb.
  • Size: 48”D x 98”H
  • This tank requires a 5 foot wide door
800 Gal. Polyethylene Tank

  • 16” Manway Hole
  • 3/4” Tank Adapter
  • Weight: 230 Lb.
  • Size: 60”D x 75”H
  • This tank requires a 6 foot wide door
1100 Gal. Polyethylene Tank

  • 16” Manway Hole
  • 1” Tank Adapter
  • >Weight: 230 Lb.
  • Size: 60”D x 100”H
  • This tank requires a 6 foot wide door
RO Reject recovery system with 500 Gal. Polyethylene Tank

  • 500 gallon tank
  • 20 GPM Re-Press pump
  • Pressure Switch
  • Float Control
  • Bladder Tank
  • Check Valve and Fittings
Cars Per Day Gallons Per Car GPD GPH Recommended Size
500 5 2,500 208 4,000 GPD
550 gallon tank
600 5 3,000 250 4,000 GPD
1,100 gallon tanks
700 5 3,500 292 6,000 GPD
550 gallon tank
800 5 4,000 333 6,000 GPD
1,100 gallon tanks
900 5 4,500 375 8,000 GPD
550 gallon tank
1,000 5 5000 417 8,000 GPD
1,100 gallon tanks
1,100 5 6,000 458 10,000 GPD
550 gallon tank
1,200 5 7,000 500 10,000 GPD
1,100 gallon tank

Sweetwater Spot-Free Rinse System Brochure

Sweetwater Spot-Free Rinse System Brochure

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Water Recycling Systems

Save water with a Water Recycling System. This system includes centrifugal pump, barrel screen, foot valve & strainer, prime tank, hydracyclone, spring loaded bypass valve, and dump gate valve.
5 HP Pump 130 GPM @ 45 PSI
7.5 HP Pump 150 GPM @ 60 PSI
10 HP Pump 150 GPM @ 80 PSI
15 HP Pump 180 GPM @ 100 PSI
20 HP Pump 230 GPM @ 100 PSI

International Water Recycling System

  • These systems are for areas utilizing 50Hz power
  • Includes centrifugal pump, barrel screen, foot valve & strainer, prime tank, hydracyclone,spring loaded bypass valve, dump gate valve
  • Consult order processing for applications where the centrifugal pump is located more than 16 ft from the re-circulation pit
3 HP Pump 75 GPM @ 40 PSI
5 HP Pump 105 GPM @ 45 PSI
7.5 HP Pump 125 GPM @ 60 PSI
15 HP Pump 180 GPM @ 100 PSI
10 HP Pump 125 GPM @ 80 PSI

Pressure Activated Booster Systems

Ensure the delivery of water to all your solutions pumps. This system includes centrifugal pump, pressurized bladder tank, pressure activation switch and check valve. Booster Pump Systems may be required with certain brands of solution dispensers.
3 HP Booster Pump 90 GPM @ 40 PSI
5 HP Booster Pump 130 GPM @ 45 PSI
50 Hertz 3 HP Booster Pump 75 GPM @ 40 PSI
50 Hertz 5 HP Booster Pump 105 GPM @ 45 PSI

Water Softeners

The size of water softener required for your car wash depends on the size of the RO system.

Softener Type Features
9F Twin Alternating Tank Water Softener
  • Fiberglass Tank
  • Polethylene Brine Tank
  • Two Mineral Tanks
  • Water Meter
  • 9000 or 9500 Fleck Valve
  • Never runs out of water
  • Uses only one tank while the alternative tank regenerates
  • Larger Pipe Size
  • Larger Flow Rate
Single Tank Softener
  • Single Fiberglass Tank
  • Polythylene Brine Tank
  • All Brass Head
  • Simple Operation
  • Inexpensive to purchase
  • Regenerates per time clock
On-Demand Water Softener
  • Single Fiberglass Tank
  • All Polyethylene Brine Tank
  • All Brass Head
  • Adjustable to Meet a Wide Variety of Water Conditions
  • Water Meter to Precisely Time Regeneration
  • Unit Only Regenerates When Needed on Demand Units
Twin Interlock Softener
  • Very High Flow Rates
  • 2900 Series Brass Valves
  • Twin Softeners Interlocked
  • Two Brine Tanks
  • No Raw Water By-pass
  • 2” Brass Head on Each Mineral Tank
  • Two Mineral Tanks
  • 2” Water Meter
Twin Tank Alternating (Stand-By) with Water Meter
  • Twin Softeners - One On-Line - the other on Stand-By
  • 2” Brass Head on Each Mineral Tank
  • No Raw Water By-pass
  • One Brine Tank
  • Two Mineral Tanks
  • 2” Water Meter
  • 2900 Series Brass Valves
Watts Antiscale Water Treatment System
  • Watts Antiscale systems transform Calcium Ions into crystals that are stable and cannot attach to pipes or surfaces
  • 1” Pipe size on Filter tank

  • No Brine tank
  • Simple in and out filter tank
  • Used as an alternate to water softener
  • No Backwash
  • Maximum Hardness is 25 grains per gallon

Water Meter Ranges

Water Softeners are available with an standard water meter or extended range water meter. The type of water meter required depends on the hardness of the water at your facility.
3/4” Standard 125 - 2,100 Gallons
3/4” Extended 625 - 10,500 Gallons
1” Standard 360 - 5,000 Gallons
>1” Extended 1,800 - 25,000 Gallons