Less Than 60′ Tunnel Conveyor Systems

If your available conveyor space is less than 60’ consider these tunnel conveyor systems that come standard with a 50’ conveyor.

Hybrid 50′

Tunnel Conveyor Systems

50 foot conveyor, Front Wheel Pull – Up to 60 cars per hour

The space saving Hybrid Tunnel Conveyor Systems are designed around the versatile and cost effective Stack and Scrub frame system (SAS). This unique frame system can integrate a variety of wash components to allow for higher volume washing in any Express system. Two sets of flex wraps, a mitter curtain and a set of rocker panel brushes fit a conveyor space as short as 24 feet. The same SAS frame system can be configured to fit a diverse assortment of Hanna brush components depending on each operators needs.

Global 50′

Tunnel Conveyor Systems

50 foot conveyor, Front Wheel Pull – Up to 65 cars per hour

Hanna’s Global Mini-Tunnel™ can fit in most standard rollover bays and can wash 35 to 60 cars per hour. Utilizing the most productive combination of Hanna brush components, the Global tunnel conveyor system is able to thoroughly wash the top horizontal and vertical surface of the vehicle. Hanna’s mini-tunnel is more profitable than a standard in-bay automatic because of its high volume capabilities and relatively low cost. A common complaint from in-bay operators is that they just don’t wash cars fast enough and long lines encourage drive-offs and missed opportunities. Hanna’s mini-tunnel is twice as fast as most in-bay automatics, which means it can double your wash volume while reducing drive-offs — turning your rollover bay into a true profit center.

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