Speed up your Wash Cycles by 25-30% with Wash Wings!

The system is designed to speed up your total wash cycle time by 25 to 30% by allowing up to three products
to be dispensed during one pass. Existing Coleman in-bay automatics (excluding WW 1.0’s) can add the
Wash Wings to their gantry with minimal time and expense.

Wash Wings use three separate rain bar type applicators for products like Rinse, Low pressure wax and spot free rinse exactly as the tunnel industry has done for years. Installation is simple and quick. The stainless steel rain bars are designed to mount using existing frame work with no welding necessary. An operating program change would be included with the components.

Spot Free application will continue to use one of the existing side tips for a more complete coverage.

Once the mechanical and program changes are made, the wash recipes will be modified to include these three functions on the same pass. The system will handle the rest. Within a few short hours you could be washing many more cars per day!

Wash Wings Package Includes:

  • 2 – Double row Rain Curtain Wash Wing Assemblies
  • 1 – Single row Rain Curtain Assembly
  • 1 - HP solenoid valve
  • 1 – Compact Flash card with program update
  • Assorted fittings, hose and hardware for installatio
  • Installation Instructions