High Quality Soft Touch In Bay Automatic


The eFusion is the customer’s choice soft touch in bay automatic rollover system. It is designed to effectively clean a vehicle using our unique SparkleSoft wash material. The eFusion is programmable to fit your wash needs.

Every unit is equipped with 3 SparkleSoft brushes, Foaming Prewash, Entrance Signs, Web Enabled Computer Monitoring and all stainless steel construction. This high quality unit with low maintenance makes an excellent choice for any in bay automatic location!

Features & Benefits

  • 3 Brush Design – The SparkleSoft soft touch component of the eFusion has three brushes. Two sides and one
    top brush. The customer has the option to have side brushes only, top brush only or a combination of both top and side brushes on
    any wash cycle. The top brush will rotate one direction and then change directions as it approaches the rear of the vehicle for maximum cleaning and less potential for damage.
  • Soft Touch Brush Controls – The system uses a Multi-Axis Coordinated Brush Motion Control to adjust the top and side brushes to the exact contour of every vehicle. Each brush uses an amp sensing technique to stay in constant contact with the vehicle and with just the right amount of cleaning pressure to ensure a clean vehicle.
  • Complete Cross Over Coverage – Counter rotating side brushes cross over the center line of every vehicle for complete coverage.
  • Wheel Scrub Brushes – The counter rotating scrubbing wheel brushes perform tremendously on even the
    dirtiest wheels. The gantry positions itself so specialized wheel cleaning brushes can gently penetrate the most intricate wheel design.
  • Rollover Design Mounted on Gantry Tracks
  • Stainless Steel Frame and Gantry
  • (3) Three Soft Touch Brushes with SparkleSoft Wash Material
  • Multi-Axis Coordinated Motion Control for Brush Positioning
  • Foaming Prewash System
  • Operator Friendly Programmable Wash Cycles
  • 3 Position Traffic Lights
  • Automatic Chemical Mixing System
  • Independent Delivery Manifold for Presoak and Spot Free
  • Manual Controls for Gantry Operation
  • Web Enabled for Complete Remote Access to System Controls
  • Low Pressure/Hot Wax System
  • Triple Foam Bath or Conditioner
  • Foaming Tire Cleaner Applicators (On-Board)
  • Presoak Heater System
  • High Pressure Wash - Top & Sides (18 GPM or 36 GPM)
  • Circulating Presoak System
  • Wheel Scrub Brushes with three High Pressure Nozzles
  • Wind Wizard Blowers - Free Standing or On Board
    More Information about Drying Systems for eFusion
  • Wash Wings Rain Bar - Speed Up Wash Cycles by 25-30%
    More Information about Wash Wings
  • Glass Treatment
  • Freeze Protection
  • Scrolling Sign and Clearance Arch

Operator Interface Panel (Red Lion)

The eFusion is equipped with an Operator Interface Panel mounted on the unit’s Electrical Control Center that provides the operator with a comprehensive system that allows them complete access to the system on-site or online.

Direct System Injector - DSI System

eFusion comes standard with the DSI system that provides simple, efficient, and high quality performance. This low maintenance system allows operators versatility with a wide selection of optional services available.

eFusion Drawing
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Electrical Required:

eFusion Main Supply:

  • 30 Amp, 3ph , 208/230V
    (17/14 Amp Actual Draw)
  • 20 Amp, 1 Pole Breaker, 110V(10 Amp Actual Draw)

Optional High Pressure Wash System:

  • 1 - 15 Hp / 18 GPM Pump / 1000 PSI (69 Bar)
  • 60 Amp, 3 Ph 208 / 230 Volt
    (40/37 Amp Actual Draw)

Optional Dual Pump High Pressure Wash System

  • 2 - 15 Hp / 18 GPM Pump
  • 125 Amp, 3 Ph 208/230 Volt
    (80/74 Amp Actual Draw)

Water Line Required:

  • 1” (26mm) Water
    Min. Pressure 40 psi (2.75bar)
  • Max. 60 psi (4.5 bar)
  • Max Flow Rate: 12 Gpm (46 Lpm without
    High Pressure)
  • 38 Gpm (144 Lpm with High Pressure)

Air Line Required:

    • 1/2” (13mm) Air
    • Min. Pressure 80 psi
      (5.5 bar)
    • Max. 120 psi (8 bar)
    • Max Flow Rate: 10 cfm (.283 cubic meter)


Chemical Dosing System: 36”wide X 30” high Wall Mounted
(914mm X 762mm)
Electrical Control Panel: 24” Wide X 24” High
(610mm X 610mm)
Gantry: 154” wide X 62” deep X 113” high
(3.91cm wide X 157cm X 2.69m)
Vehicle Height Clearance: 84” (2.13m)

Recommended Bay Dimensions:

(Contact Coleman Hanna for lesser dimensions)
Gantry Track: 31’ 6” (8.53m)
Width: 16’ 4” – 15’ Minimum
(4.97m) (4.57m Minimum)
Height: 12’ – 11’ Minimum
(3.66m) (3.35m Minimum)
Min. Door Opening Height: 10’
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Installation & Operational Manual

Parts Manual

Technical Drawings

Fusion Technology Installation Manual

For information about Standard & Custom Gantry Graphics:

Standard & Custom Gantry Graphics