In Bay Services

In Bay Services

Offer a wide variety of income producing car care options to your customers!

Manufactured by one of the oldest self serve car wash producers, this equipment provides longevity, dependability and less maintenance costs. From engine cleaner to triple shine conditioner to spot-free rinse, satisfy customers by providing all the services they desire. These popular self serve bay services will help the operator increase profits and ensure the customer has a clean, shiny and dry vehicle.

Tire Cleaner Self Serve Bay Services

Tire Cleaner

Cleans dirt, grime, and brake dust from tires.

Engine Cleaner Self Serve Bay Services

Engine Cleaner

Helps keep the engine clean from grease.

Bug Remover Self Serve Bay Services

Bug Remover

Loosens stuck on bugs and bird droppings.

High Pressure Soap Self Serve Bay Services

High Pressure Soap

Blasts away dirt and grime from the car.

foaming brush Self Serve Bay Services

Foaming Brush

Releases a heavy foam detergent for a deeper scrub.

High Pressure Rinse Self Serve Bay Services


Rids the car of soaps and detergents.

Foaming Conditioner Self Serve Bay Services

Foaming Conditioner

Protects the car from all weather conditions.

Triple Shine Conditioner Self Serve Bay Services

Triple Shine™

Protects against UV rays and conditions the car.

Clear Coat Self Serve Bay Services

Clear Coat Protectant

Provides a coat of protection against dirt.

Wax Self Serve Bay Services

High Pressure Wax

Applies a wax coating for extra protection.

In Bay Dryers Self Serve Bay Services

Velocity Hand Dryers

This high quality in bay dryer has a twin motor design and aerodynamic nozzle design to provide tremendous drying power while still being easy to use.

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