HydraBlast High Pressure Wheel Washer

Hanna’s HydraBlast creates impingement and maximizes dwell time through the use of a rotating manifold that pivots to follow both the front & rear wheels. The HydraBlast utilizes Hanna’s exclusive spray head with multiple zero degree nozzles to deliver a concentrated blast of water onto the wheel surface. The freestanding modular design requires little conveyor space and is simple to add to new or existing car washes.

  • The HydraBlast utilizes two self rotating spray heads each with 5 nozzles (10 total on each side) delivering 18 gpm at 1000 psi.
  • The HydraBlast rotating swivel is rated to 5000 PSI for extra strength and longevity.
  • The HydraBlast Wheel Washer follows the front wheel before pivoting to follow the rear wheel.
  • The ability to follow each wheel allows for maximum dwell time and impingement.

Invader High Pressure Wheel Washer

The Invader is a fixed position high pressure applicator. The Invader utilizes the same rotating spray head configuration as the HydraBlast, but because it is fixed position it does not pivot with the movement of the vehicle wheels. The simple low maintenance design also takes less tunnel space than other low side high pressure washers. The Invader can be attached to any post or mounted with freestanding posts.



  • The Invader utilizes the same rotating spray head as the HydraBlast.
  • The Invader can be used as a fixed position low side and wheel washer.
  • The Invader can be attached to any 4”x4” post to concentrate cleaning power where it is needed.

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