Thank you for visiting our booth at the 2021 ICA Show

It was our great pleasure to talk with you about how Coleman Hanna Carwash Systems can help assist you, and your company, with all of your car wash equipment needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions, requests for pricing, or product information. We, or one of our distributors, will be in contact with you to see if there is anything we can do to assist you with any of your car washing equipment needs.

*** We invite you to look below at all of our show videos. If you have interest in any of the equipment you see, please let us, or the distributor who contacts you, know, and we would be happy to get it on order for you!

Coleman Hanna is constantly working to enhance our product line. We have been developing many new products and have brought them to the show.

 NEW PosiTrack Conveyor aka 'The Beast'

Hanna has continued developing the new conveyor that is more reliable than
the belt conveyor. These slat conveyors have been operating for years in car manufacturing plants around the world.

We have the PosiTrack conveyor on the floor to see. There are 5 of them operating in the United States
and many more scheduled to ship. Plan your trip to go see one in action!


Ceramic Tunnel

Ceramic Tunnel

This is a new concept to the industry. It not only applies Ceramic product, but it can also be a finishing tunnel. It is available in a 4’, 8’ or 12’ tunnel. You can apply one or two steps of Ceramic product along with spot-free rinse and drying agent.

Dosatron Chemical Delivery System

We now offer a new improved way to deliver all the chemicals needed for the tunnel. This new Dosatron system is a perfect match for the Ceramic Tunnel.

This system can deliver the precise amount of chemical needed for the Ceramic Tunnel.

Custom digital menu Board.


Digital Menu Board *Custom Video Menu Design (55" Screen Size)

  • Animated icons
  • Music
  • Advertise packages and Promotional items.
  • Background effects and much more!

Contact Us for a custom digital menu Board.

Vacuum with All-In-One Payment Terminal

NEW credit card reader
We now have a new credit card reader that can be added to the vacuum for tunnel car washes. This new reader will accept credit cards either by swipe, tap, or even apple pay.

An important feature is the built-in bar or QR Code reader. This allows the operator to print a QR Code on the receipt, the customer can then go to the vacuums and scan it to receive a free vacuum. The code can be programed to turn the vacuum timer on depending on the wash package that was purchased.

If the customer purchased an inexpensive package the vac might only run for 2 minutes, if they purchased the top wash then it might run 8 minutes. If the customer does not finish vacuuming his vehicle before the time runs out, they can simply buy more time with their credit card.

This credit card reader allows the operator to offer free vacuums with a purchase of the wash or make the vacuums a profit center.

Ultimate Entrance Arch with Lexan Panels

This new arch can be placed at the entrance of the car wash,
or it can be placed inside the tunnel to bring attention to the news service.

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Conveyor System Components

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In Bay Automatics and Self Serve Equipment

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