Choose the most dependable and reliable Top Brush in the industry!

Hanna has sold more Rotary Top Brushes than any other manufacturer in the world. That is because Hanna Rotary Top Brush is the safest, simplest and most effective top brush in the industry.

The brush action is very smooth over the contour of the vehicle and Hanna’s exclusive brush design is also the quietest top brush available in the market today. Hanna’s exclusive counterweight design utilizes dual dampening pneumatic cylinders for constant and gentle brush penetration over the hood, roof and trunk of the vehicle.



The smooth rotational motion allows for cleaning coverage capable of reaching the front hood of low vehicles as well as the top rear of SUV’s. This all fits in 8 feet of tunnel space. Hanna’s versatile top brush easily fits into a variety of Hanna’s current frame structures allowing for the stacking of multiple components in tight spaces. The Hanna Rotary Top Brush also retrofits into nearly every generation of Hanna Car Wash System.


  • All stainless steel frame construction
  • Designed to clean horizontal surfaces using rotating foam brush action.
  • Includes spray manifold and jets only
  • Hydraulic Drive
  • Includes Water & Hydraulic Plumbing
  • Hydraulic flow controls and solenoid valves are included in proportionator pricing or purchased separately
  • Top Brush available in Blue or Black. Other upgrade colors available for additional cost.

  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • Galvanized Counter Weights
  • Includes Soap Foamer Manifold
  • Includes Water & Hydraulic Plumbing
  • 16 Shammy Discs 60” (1.52 m)

Tunnel Space 8’ (2.43 m)
Length 9’ (2.74 m)
Width 12’ 2” (3.71 m)
Height 10’ 6” (3.2 m)

Hydraulic Flow 6 GPM @ 500 PSI
Pneumatic 0.02 SCFM per car
Electrical 135 watts @ 24 VAC
Brush Type Foam

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