Foaming Tire & Wheel Applicator

Hanna’s Foaming Tire and Wheel Applicator (TWA) generates a thick layer of foam and applies it to the wheel and tire.

The foam sticks to the wheel longer, allowing more time for the chemical to work on brake dust and road grime. The Foaming TWA utilizes Hanna’s Hockey Puck foam generators and is activated using an electronic sensor pad. The Tie and wheel Applicator is most effective when used with Hanna High Pressure Wheel Washer, Hanna Tire Brush or Stepped Tire Brush.

  • Maximize the effectiveness of your Wheel Chemical with the Foaming CTA Applicators
  • Unique design generates thick foam for maximizing dwell time
  • Requires a single computer function
  • Best when used with the Hanna High Pressure Wheel Washer
  • Can be used just on wheels or on the entire side of vehicle


Foaming Tire Wheel Applicator