Hockey Puck Foamers

The Hockey Puck Foam Applicator is used to apply chemical to the horizontal and vertical surfaces of the vehicle as they are conveyed through the car wash.

Hockey Puck Foamers are very versatile and can be mounted to various pieces of equipment throughout the tunnel system. These applicators allow operators to add revenue enhancing services such as foaming conditioner and triple foam. The Hockey Puck Foamer is available in single, double or triple foam applicators. The specially designed swivel fittings allow for spray pattern adjustment after mounting. The foam is made of a durable polymer in order to make them a wise and cost effective choice for all operators.


  • Durable polymer construction.
  • Includes UHMW mounting clamp and mounting bracket for field mounting.
  • Swivel fittings allow for spray pattern adjustment after mounting.
  • Requires one computer function per pair of applicators.
  • Optional offset bracket available, attaches to 4x4 post/leg for added versatility and mounting options.
Hockey Puck Foaming Applicator