Wheel Follower Flyer

The Follower Wheel Washer follows the vehicle’s wheel for 5’ along with the conveyor blasting away dirt and brake dust. The Follower Wheel Washer uses Turbo Blast nozzles to provide maximum cleaning force to thoroughly clean the wheels and tires. A 15 HP high pressure pump stand (not included) is required to deliver 18 GPM at 1000 PSI to the Follower Wheel Washer. Each side delivers 9 GPM to blast away hard to reach dirt in the wheels and tires.

The Follower Wheel Washer includes a VFD and PLC to control the speed of the motor to match the speed of the conveyor. The Follower Wheel Washer goes the same speed of the conveyor while washing the tire, but returns quickly back to the beginning of the 5’ track to wash the next set of tires. Save conveyor space by mounting the Follower Wheel Washer inside the posts of a mitter.

  • Able to mount inside the posts of a mitter to save tunnel space or Free Standing with free standing posts. (64” Length of tunnel space required)
  • Stainless Steel Construction and UHMW rollers to provide years of service.
  • Electrical consumption – 208/240 or 460 volt (small .16 HP drive motor) pulls less than 1 amp
  • Control Panel with VFD and PLC with power supply is included.
  • Water Consumption – Requires a 15HP 18 gpm pump stand to provide the required water.
  • 5’ Track length

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