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Stepped Brush Flyer

The New Hanna’s Stepped Tire Brush is 104″ Long. It was created out of need for safely and to automatically clean the outside surface of larger diameter tires up to 44 - 1/2″ while cleaning the inside surface of the wheel at the same time.

• 104" Inches Long
• Cleans the outside and inside surface of the wheel up to 44 - 1/2″ Diameter
• Feathered Tips for washing the inside of the wheel • Sections alternate in 6" increments Performance Data: SPEED: 100 RPM HYDRAULIC REQ'D: 3.0 GPM @ 300 PSI WATER REQ'D: NONE AIR REQ'D: 0.02 SCFM PER CAR ELECTRICAL REQ'D: 60 WATTS @ 24 VAC TUNNEL WIDTH REQ'D: 16' - 6"


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