Increase revenue and customer satisfaction by adding the Tire Shine Applicator to your Tunnel!

The Hanna Tire Shine Applicator applies an even coat of tire dressing from the edge of the tire tread to the edge of the wheel. Hanna’s exclusive drip manifold system applies chemical to the tips of the rotating polyethylene heavy flagged brush. The special manifold is fed from three different points to ensure an even delivery of product to the tire brush. This process lowers the amount of chemical used per application and minimizes runoff to the floor. The Hanna Tire Shine unique brush design allows the tips to contour to the shape of the tire maximizing coverage while maintaining an even application. The system comes complete with brush retracts and dual chemical pumping system.


  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • Polyethylene heavy flagged brush
  • 96” x 2 1/2” Steel hollow tube for dramatically improved strength
  • Hydraulic drive

Standard Dimensions:

Operating Space: 14’ 6” (442 cm)
Width: 11’ 10” (361 cm)
Length: 12’ 4 ¾” (378 cm)

Design Features:

  • Air actuated retracts and controls
  • PVC tire guide for safety
  • Exclusive chemical drip manifold with three feed points
  • Clear rubber splash guard
  • Dual Flowjet pumping station


Hydraulic Flow: 3 GPM @ 200 PSI (11.4 LPM @ 14 Bar)
Electrical: 60 watts @ 24 VAC
Air: 0.02 CFM per vehicle @ 90 PSI ( 6 bar)
Brush: Polyethylene heavy flagged brush
Solution: 1 – 2 oz per application
(results may vary depending upon the chemical used)

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