Hanna’s Tire Washer 96 (TW-96)

Regular & Cloth Tire Brushes

Hanna’s Tire Washer 96 (TW-96) effectively cleans tires with its adjustable tension control, adjustable brush height and 96” (2.44 m) long brush. It automatically adjusts to vehicle widths and comes with PVC entrance guides for vehicle safety. Hydraulic drive motors are mounted on the exit end of the brush for quick and easy accessibility. Simplified hose routing allows for easy installation.




Stepped Tire Brush

Hanna’s Stepped Tire Brush was created out of the need to safely and automatically clean the outside surface of the tire while cleaning the inside surface of the wheel at the same time. The Stepped Brush is designed using 9” Polypropylene in a dense concentration for washing the tire along with 12” lengths of Polypropylene with feathered tips for washing the inside of the wheel. These sections alternate in 6” increments for the length of the 96” brush. Field conversion kits are also available for existing TW-96 Tire Washers.

  • Available with cloth, Polypropylene standard or stepped brush.
  • Optional Retract System
  • Optional CTA Chemical Applicator

Operating Space 14’6” (4.42 m)
Brush Length 96” (2.44 m)
Brush Diameter 8” (.20 m)
PVC Entrance Guides Diameter 3” (.08 m)

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